Mark Wamp (Senior Advisor)

phone: +61 427 339 971
phone: +1 734 516 1939


Mark is an oil and gas industry veteran. He has worked in oil service and drilling supply for over forty years in Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, Singapore, Scotland, Nigeria, the USA and Australia. He started his career with Dowell USA – Schlumberger Services International.

He has successfully owned and managed several businesses supplying equipment to drilling operations across the globe. Equipment includes pumps, drill strings, handling tools, rotary tables, well service pumps, draw-works and BOPs.

When he’s not busy travelling for business he enjoys hunting, fishing and all major sports especially horse racing. Mark is the proud father of three sons – one a black labrador retriever named “Hud”!

Mark’s favourite quote: “Don’t take any wooden nickles.” – Paul Wamp (Father)