• Rotating Head with lubricating tank (Model: Washington)
  • Rotating Heads with Lubricating Tank Washington Shorty
  • Rotating Head Components: Washington 440

Product Range includes:

  • 7-1/16″ Washington RCH (Part No 1418-CF7)
  • 9″ Washington RCH (Part No 1419-CF7-49)
  • 11″ Washington RCH (Part No 1420-CF7-53)
  • 13-5/8″ Washington RCH Shorty (Part No 1420-C8-53)

ROTATING HEADS: Washington Series 1400 “Shorty”

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Tango rents the Washington Series 1400 “Shorty” Rotating Control Head which is known as an industry-leader in the USA. The 1400 Series can be used with or without Drive Bushings and is very versatile due to its compact size. The 1400 Series Rotating Head utilises Stripper Rubbers which will seal off all drill steel from 2″-8″ OD.

For a long-time rotating heads have been a standard part of North American drilling operations as “an important tool to an important tool for lowering drilling costs and increasing well productivity” (read more from the Oil & Gas Journal here).

View video of Washington Series 1400 Rotating Head Setup. Watch here.


  • Dynamic Test Pressure (Rotating): 300 p.s.i.
  • Static Test Pressure: 500 p.s.i.
  • Maximum r.p.m. (Intermittent): 150 r.p.m.
  • Stripper Rubber Mounting: Bolt-on
  • Rotary Table Drive: Yes
  • Top Drive: Yes
  • Oil System: Self-contained pressurised

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