• Dual Compartment Mobile Dual Compartment - being towed (Tango Oilfield Rental Solutions)
  • Agitator Tank Dual Compartment
  • Workover Tank with Agitator

Product Range includes:

  • 450 bbl Mobile Tanks (Dual Compartment storage)
  • 450 bbl Mobile Tanks (Single Compartment)


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Tango has single and dual compartment mobile or skidded tanks for workover, completion, or drilling applications. All tanks have gun lines for mixing and rolling of the tanks. Tanks can also be fitted with agitators for additional mixing if required. Additionally the tanks can be supplied with skid mounted mixing pumps and hoppers if required.

Tango’s workover tanks are engineered for:

  • Efficiency
  • All Mobile Workover and Completion Tanks with hydraulic lift cylinders for easy movement
  • Tanks fitted with gun or mixing lines to allow for rolling of the tanks and mixing of the fluids. Agitators can also be installed if required.
  • Tanks are engineered to be easy to clean to limit the need of personnel entering a confined space
    • V-bottom floor design to allow for fluid to flow and pool in the sump
    • Smooth wall design leaves less dead space
    • Rodless internals
  • Safety
  • Tango’s Mobile Workover and Mixing Tanks are Australian Road Registered
  • The tanks have dual access manways to maintain line of site and allow for easy access in case of emergency. Many other designs only have single access confined space access.
  • Fitted with stairway access to the inspection hatch rather than ladder access. Eliminates the need for fall arrest or harnesses while climbing.
  • Rodless design eliminates weak point inside the tank. Also allows for easier access in case of cleaning or rescue operations within the tank.
  • All tanks are tested with a full capacity static hydro-test


Key Options and Features of Tango’s Workover Tanks:

  • Mobile Dual Compartment Tanks available – This allows storage of drilling and completion fluids in one tank. Alternatively the entire volume of the well can be displaced into the empty compartment and filled with fresh fluid from the second compartment. Each compartment has separate outlets or the compartments can be co-mingled. Each compartment has its own separate circulating and gun lines.
  • Agitator Tanks– The mobile or skidded tanks can be fitted with agitators to allow for additional mixing and prevent solids settlement.
  • 200bbl Pre-Mix Tanks with Mixing Pumps and Lines – Mix up to 200 bbl batches of completion, drilling, or cementing fluids.

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