Product Range includes:

  • 4-1/2″ L-80 Range 2 Washpipe
  • 5-3/4″ L-80 Range 2 Washpipe
  • 8-1/8” L-80 Range 2 Washpipe
  • NC31 Safety Joints
  • NC38 Safety Joints
  • NC50 Safety Joints
  • Wave Style Burn Shoes
  • Tooth Style Burn Shoes


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Tango stocks a range of Washover Tools for use in common open hole and cased hole sizes used in Australia.

Washpipe is typically large internal diameter flush joint pipe used to wash over stuck drill pipe, production tubing, or other dowhole tubulars. It is typically run with a carbide dressed “burn shoe”. The burn shoe is used to cut away  formation or fill trapping the fish or sometimes to mill over sections of the fish like stabilizers or tooljoints.

In general anywhere 5-10 joints of washpipe are run in any single trip. At the top of the washpipe string a top sub or drive sub will be used to connect onto the bottom of the workstring; typically drill pipe.

Components of a washpipe string include:

  • Different style wash shoes will be run depending on the fish, formation, or whether stuck in open or cased hole.
  • Safety joints are commonly run with the washpipe to allow a controlled backoff release if the washpipe becomes stuck.


  • 4-1/2, 5-3/4, & 8-1/8” L-80 Range 2 Washpipe
  • NC31, NC38, & NC50 Safety Joints
  • Wave and Tooth Style Burn Shoes
    • Other patterns can be made on request

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