What is a Frac Tank?

A Frac Tank is a large heavy gauge steel tank that is pulled by a truck or prime mover to a job site. Generally Frac Tanks are large enough to hold between 400 to 500 bbls (65k to 80k litres) although designs vary. Frac Tanks are typically designed to be moved empty and then are either filled on site with vacuum or water trucks or fluid is piped into the local worksite.

What is a Frac Tank Used For?

Frac Tanks are used in Oil and Gas upstream operations to temporarily hold water, completion, or drilling fluids. A common application for Frac Tanks is to store water for “Frac Operations”. In this application the tanks are used to store the filtered water that is later mixed with the “proppant” and then pumped down the well to fracture the formation and then hold the fracture open.

Frac Tanks are also commonly used in a number of other industries. These include: Petrochemical, Construction, Environmental Projects, HDD or Minerals Drilling, and Mining to name a few. Basically wherever there is a need for large scale temporary storage on non-toxic fluids.

Frac Tanks can be used in in conjunction with pumps, filters, dewatering units and vacuum boxes as part of large scale projects. They are also commonly used in conjunction with Frac Ponds or large Storage Ponds when large volumes of fluid are required.

What Frac Tanks can Tango provide?

Tango rents fully compliant frac tanks and frac ponds to the Australian oil field, energy and mining industries. Tango regularly stocks mobile, skidded, and high volume frac ponds. A variety of tanks are also available for mud or chemical storage. Our tanks are engineered to meet or exceed all regulatory and safety requirements and come with required certifications.

All of Tango’s frac tanks are suitable for water or frac fluids and come with a “V bottom” floor design for easy cleanout. Tanks can also be manifolded together for larger projects as needed.

Along with frac tanks, Tango can provide complete “turnkey” fluid storage management solutions including tanks, manifolds, transfer pumps and associated hoses for any project.

Should you have a special need, Tango has the capabilities to manufacture a custom design to suit any application.


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