• High Volume Frac Pond - inside view (Tango Oilfield Rental Solutions)
  • Frac Pond with pump (Tango Oilfield Rental Solutions)

Product Range includes:

  • 0.7 to 7ML Frac Ponds


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Tango has a range of High Volume Frac Ponds available for rent. These frac ponds range in size from 500,000 litres to 10 megalitres. Ponds can be used to service your frac job, hydrotesting, drilling or mining project.

Advantages of Frac Ponds:

  • Modular design from 500,000 litres to 10 megalitres
  • Replace up to 80 standard 500 bbls frac tanks
  • Facilitate multi-well programs & re-use of frac fluids on successive wells
  • Provides semi-permanent central storage capacity for program-based operations
  • Significantly reduce site footprint and environmental impact
  • Quick to install in just one day
  • A level surface is all that is required to erect pond


  • Australian Certified Designed & Manufactured
  • Unique modular design that can be easily modified to your operation’s needs (from 4,500 bbl to 41,000 bbl capacity)
  • Panels secured with pins and hinges and held by hoop stress inherent in round design
  • Hinge system supports 5x the pressure it will be exposed to
  • Re-usable & 100% Recyclable Steel
  • Fire resistant structure
  • Internal plastic liner lasts up to one year
  • Lightweight Liner & Geo membrane with Leak Systems available upon request

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