• Skidded Frac Tank with frac manifold (Tango Oilfield Rental Solutions)
  • Skidded Frac Tank on roadtrain (Tango Oilfield Rental Solutions)
  • Skidded Frac Tank with Hoses (Tango Oilfield Rental Solutions)

Product Range includes:

  • 400bbl (68,000 litre) Single Axle Skidded Frac Tanks
  • 500bbl (80,000) litre Dual Axle Skidded Frac Tanks


Fluid Tanks | Water Storage Tanks

A Frac Tank is a large heavy gauge steel tank that is pulled by a truck or prime mover to a job site. Generally Frac Tanks are large enough to hold between 400 to 500 bbls (65k to 80k litres) although designs vary. Frac Tanks are typically designed to be moved empty and then are either filled on site with vacuum or water trucks or fluid is piped into the local worksite.

Tango has a large selection of Skidded Frac Tanks for rental or purchase that can also be mounted on skids for easy loading with tilt tray, fork, side loader or crane.

Skidded Frac Tanks come complete with appropriate certifications meeting all ISO and transportation standards.

All our Frac Tanks are suitable for water or frac fluids. Skidded tanks are also available with agitators for batch mixing of drilling, workover or cementing chemicals.


  • 150 to 450 barrel capacity
  • 4” Weco Style Outlets with 8” manifold
  • Double seam continuous welded
  • Sight level gauges
  • V bottom floor to aid cleaning and draining
  • Internal coating suitable for normal frac fluids
  • 3rd party certified lifting points at top
  • Skidded model, no axles or tires

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