Custom Oilfield Solutions

As well as tanks, pumps, and handling equipment that is ready to go, we can also provide custom oilfield solutions for fluid management and waste handling.

Whether a project requires a modification to an existing design, or a completely new solution we can assist with an end-to-end custom designed and built outcome, including the logistics and installation.

We pride ourselves on being service leaders, anticipating future client and project needs. We are your ‘pit crew’, our job is to help keep you going at maximum speed and efficiency, because ‘close enough’ is never good enough. We have a vast network of international resources to fulfil custom built oilfield solutions in Australia and beyond.

Custom made tanks often requested include open-top units for shale cuttings, reverse tanks, and flare tanks.

For more information about our custom oilfield solutions, contact our service team on 1300 082 646, email: admin@tangohire.com.au or click here.